Julio José Cano Ramos


My professional experience in Grupo Cobra (ACS) and Grupo Orange, as well as my studies in Bachelor of Labor Sciences, have offered me the possibility of knowing and developing different ways of working, as well as the ability to adapt to the changes that occur in my environment in a fast and effective way.

Concentrating and actively getting involved in the main departments within the HR area, has allowed me to specialize in generating and developing different initiatives to help improve the human resources management of companies.

Motivated by new challenges, in September 2018 I joined Solarig to create, direct, lead and coordinate the Human Resources area. At the beginning of 2019 I took over the management of the Marketing and Internal Communication Department of the Company, as well as the development and management of its CSR, and by 2020 I started incorporating the travel management of Human Resources Employees and vehicle fleet management.