Sustainable Development Goals:

We have integrated our business strategy into the Sustainable Development Goals, with a direct contribution to 7 of the 17 Goals set by the UN.

We have been a signatory to the UN Global Compact for more than 16 years.


Sustainable Progress Project

We are committed to positioning Solarig as a benchmark in the production of renewable energy, generating a positive impact on society and its relations with suppliers, shareholders, partners, public administrations, communities and workers. We integrate sustainability management, transparency, ethical values and corporate governance into our business strategy. We play a key role in the decarbonisation of the economy, mitigating climate change by promoting the identification and management of our environmental and social risks and opportunities.

Commitment to our environment

We promote respect for the environment from a proactive attitude with a positive impact on the environment.

>Biodiversity policy

>Environmental Management policy

Main lines of action:

  • Reduce environmental impacts in the design, construction and operation of our projects.
  • Minimise resource use and waste production.
  • Develop monitoring, management, restoration and compensation plans.
  • Promote biodiversity awareness and sensitivity.
  • We promote actions and solutions that respond to the climate emergency.