Solarig, ranked third in Wood Mackenzie’s global O&M rankings

Solarig consolidates its third position worldwide after a 20% growth in O&M (Operation and Maintenance). The company currently manages more than 12 GW of photovoltaic energy in this activity. The main O&M operations are located in the markets of Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Australia.

3 October 2023 – Solarig is ranked third in the world in the area of O&M (Operation & Maintenance) according to the report published by Wood Mackenzie. (2023 Global PV O&M service provider dynamics). In the last financial year, the company has experienced a growth of over 20% in this activity, becoming a benchmark in the sector.

Solarig currently leads O&M operations for more than 12 GW of photovoltaic power in 12 countries including Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Australia. With more than 18 years of experience, Solarig manages the operation and maintenance of large installations (up to 800 MW) for a wide and diversified portfolio of long-term clients: from large international utilities, SMEs or funds, among others.

Solarig is at the forefront of technology by applying state-of-the-art solutions for automation and software development as part of its commitment to innovation. The company centralises plant information through remote monitoring from a 24/7 Control Centre, automatically generating preventive and corrective work orders. In addition, Solarig has integrated real-time production data and alarms with more than 25 monitoring systems to increase the quality and frequency of analysis to optimise operational efficiency.

According to the report published by Wood Mackenzie, the overall international O&M supplier portfolio grew by 18% in 2022 to a volume of 207 GWdc. NovaSource ranked first, followed by SOLV Energy.

Solarig, an international benchmark for the energy transition

Solarig is a vertically integrated international developer of renewable energy projects with solid experience in the development, construction, financial structuring and operation of large-scale solar power facilities. Headquartered in Madrid, it has operations in Europe, Central and South America, Japan and Australia. With more than 18 years of experience, Solarig employs more than 1,000 professionals.

Solarig is committed to driving the energy transition towards global decarbonisation and helping to achieve energy independence in the markets where it operates. Solarig aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the rapid deployment of renewable energy, and to develop a positive impact on its environment through its operations and relationships with shareholders, customers, partners and suppliers.