Solarig forms BIORIG, a new division for the development of biomethane plants in Europe

Solarig has set up a new division for the production of renewable gases under the name of Biorig. This new division specialises in the development and implementation of biomethane production plants – from the biogas generated in the anaerobic digestion of organic waste – in Europe.

27 July 2023 – “As part of our strategy we are launching Biorig. The objective is to develop more than 20 biomethane production plants in Europe with an investment of more than 300 million euros. This operation is part of the company’s Strategic Plan, which prioritises the diversification of our activities towards the development of projects within the framework of the energy transition”, explained Miguel Ángel Calleja, president of Solarig.

Strong financial position, geographic and business diversification

Solarig has a solid financial position. Net profit stood at €67 million in 2022 while revenues amounted to €187 million. With a renewable energy project portfolio of more than 14 GW, Solarig is present in 16 countries with operations in Europe, Central and South America, Japan and Australia. It has more than 1,000 professionals, and as part of its commitment to the development of new energy solutions, Solarig is promoting new energy transition projects in areas such as the so-called green gases – biomethane or hydrogen – or the hybridisation of different renewable and storage technologies.

Solarig, an international benchmark for the energy transition

Solarig is a vertically integrated international developer of renewable energy projects with solid experience in the development, construction, financial structuring and operation of large-scale solar power facilities. Headquartered in Madrid, it has operations in Europe, Central and South America, Japan and Australia. With more than 18 years of experience and more than 1,000 professionals, Solarig has a renewable energy project portfolio of more than 14 GW worldwide.

Solarig is committed to driving the energy transition towards global decarbonisation and helping to achieve energy independence in the markets where it operates. Solarig aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the rapid deployment of renewable energy, and to develop a positive impact on its environment through its operations and relationships with shareholders, customers, partners and suppliers.