Through these five principles we build our position in the world and are committed to creating shared value for society.



We work to optimise all resources, minimise negative impacts and maximise positive ones.

4. Commitment

We have the responsibility and commitment to always act with transparency, honesty and the highest ethical standards.

1. People

We acknowledge that our people are our main asset. We are committed to honest relationships, within a framework of equality and diversity.


We promote inclusion and diversity actions, in favour of reducing inequalities.


We are committed to listening to our stakeholders to identify their needs and expectations.

We guarantee compliance with human rights in the different countries in which we operate. We encourage open dialogue with our interest groups, identifying their needs, expectations and developing projects that promote social development in favor of our purpose of shared growth.

> Policy on Respect for Human Rights

> Code of ethics for suppliers

> Policy on diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity

> Policy on health and safety

Solidarity Solarig

We are involved in different solidarity initiatives that promote inclusion and diversity as part of Solarig's principles, reflecting the commitment to the socioeconomic and environmental development of the territories in which we are present and the spirit of solidarity of our team.


Promotion of food collection days. In 2022, Solarig received recognition from the organization in recognition of Solarig’s collaboration with the organization since its founding in Soria 10 years ago.

Donation of furniture for training classrooms at the Red Cross headquarters in Burgo de Osma (Soria) and Soria and support for blood donation campaigns and other solidarity initiatives.

We participate in the Children’s Village Solidarity Race, the proceeds of which go to the Emergency at Home project that helps 1,000 families in extremely vulnerable situations.

Start of the corporate volunteering program based on a survey of solidarity actions.


Purchase of bottled water in bottles made from 100% recycled PET, the proceeds of which are used for drinking water and sewerage projects in developing countries.

This action has a direct effect on the Foundation’s Special Employment Center, promoting the labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

Collaboration in the “Caps for a new life” campaign, whose benefits help and support minors with needs not covered by ordinary health systems.

Donation of material to a project that seeks to promote sports activity and the socialization of low-income children in Mexico

We join partners, collaborators and local entities, delivering in Pirapora (Brazil) packages with basic foods such as rice, salt, beans, macaroni, powdered milk or flour.