Solar energy, hybrid technology and storage batteries

We are present in the entire value chain of renewable energy asset management: from development and promotion; construction; as well as operation and maintenance of large power plants. Renewable energies are a fundamental source for advancing the decarbonisation of society and fighting climate change.

Photovoltaic solar energy

We are an international benchmark in the photovoltaic sector where we develop, build and operate large solar installations of up to 850 MW. We carry out all kinds of activities and processes to ensure the highest standards of quality, efficiency and safety.

Hybridisation of solar and wind technology

We develop projects that combine solar and wind energy generation in the same plant, making the evacuation infrastructures compatible. In this way, the efficiency of the installations is maximised by taking advantage of the complementary nature of renewable sources.

Energy storage

We include battery energy storage systems in our projects, which play a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable energy system. Thanks to their use, we can easily integrate intermittent energy sources, which allows for better management of the supply. They also play a key role in reducing losses and act as back-up systems during generation outages.

Our Activities

Engineering, Turnkey projects and Construction

In-house performance of all activities of an EPC contractor (engineering, procurement and construction management).


We optimise the management of renewable assets with full guarantees and security.