Raúl Blázquez Jiménez

Construction Director

I joined Solarig’s team this year, firstly as the Head of EPC Risks Assessment Division, then I moved to become the Construction Manager.
 I worked for Ortiz’s Company from 2014 until 2021. I started as a member of the Technical Office team, monitoring projects under construction , developing their implementation and commissioning, and later became Projects Manager. I was then able to dive into the renewable energies sector in 2012, taking part in projects to do with mainly photovoltaic solar power in such countries as Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Italy, Mexico, or Chile. Simultaneously, I engaged in freelancing projects.
I have a Technical Industrial Engineering Degree, an Electrical Engineering Degree, as well as a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies.
As I have actively engaged in EPC projects in a number of positions, I aim to set up, promote and lead dynamic and efficient working teams so as to contribute to the growth and development of the EPC department and the company.