Green Gases

Green gases for a sustainable energy future

At Solarig we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the implementation of renewable gas projects.

With this approach, we develop and execute biomethane and green hydrogen projects, using cutting-edge technology that guarantees the highest quality and meets the most rigorous environmental and occupational safety standards.

Development of biomethane installations

Biorig is the biomethane production division of Solarig. It was created with the aim of providing innovative solutions in the area of renewable gases and CO₂ capture. It develops large biomethane production facilities in Europe, and is currently promoting the development of different projects in Spain.

Green hydrogen production

We develop different initiatives in renewables and green hydrogen in different countries with high generation potential. Hydrogen has an essential role to play in achieving global decarbonisation goals, especially in its capacity as an industrial feedstock and as a fuel in heavy-duty mobility applications.